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    Live Notes From The Dragon Gate USA iPPV Event On Friday


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    Live Notes From The Dragon Gate USA iPPV Event On Friday

    Post by Sykesy on Sun Nov 13, 2011 6:26 am

    The following are live notes from the Dragon Gate USA iPPV show from Revere, Mass. on Friday, November 11, 2011. The live report comes courtesy of Jonathan Bartolomei and

    - The crowd was better this time than in June, people seemed to have more knowledge of the guys and were just more into everything in general. This made for a much better experience than last time, just because it seemed like people were having more fun.

    - All the seats were nearly full (and there were some people standing), which was clearly not the case last time. I'm not sure if the company did anything differently in terms of promotion this time around, but the crowd was noticeably bigger. I didn't expect this going in, so kudos to DGUSA for that.

    - Another thing that stuck out to me were the amount of little kids at the show, there were at least 15-20 kids there (probably under age 10) with their parents. There was even a group of parents and kids on the stage area (hard camera) with a Junction 3 sign, which was cool. Not sure why this was the case, as last time there didn't seem to be any kids.

    - As far as the wrestling goes everything was good to great and I felt no two matches were the same. People loved the Blood Warriors/Ronin tag match live (seems more then those who watched it online) and the final two matches were awesome as well. Most fans weren't sure how to take the main event at the start, but got into it by the end. Not much of a ratings guy but I'd say the last three matches were in the 4 star range.

    - Tozawa and Yamato have fucking tons of charisma. Sabu was super over with the live crowd.

    - No issues with the sound this time, so Gabe didn't nearly kill anyone. Saw Gabe a few times throughout the show and chatted briefly with him, he seemed happy with the way things were going off.

    - Overall a great live experience and tons better then last time (which left me with a kind of sour taste because people weren't into much). Not a bad seat in the house, although I stood towards the back most of the time (just my viewing preference).

    - Two thumbs up to DGUSA. Wasn't expecting such an improvement from the June show.



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