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    The Ten Commandments of The Lateral Press


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    The Ten Commandments of The Lateral Press

    Post by Sykesy on Sun Nov 13, 2011 6:55 am

    Below are the Ten Commandments which are to be followed within the forum. Note that the staff is quite relaxed in regards to profanity and such so please at least abide by these rules. If you don't, Punishments will occur Very Happy

    #1 Thou shall not spam the forum with spam from other sites. If this occurs, Expect to be banned right away.

    #2 Thou shall not put Pornography on the forum. If you do, You shall be banned.

    #3 Thou shall not make derogatory remarks directed to other users which fall under the following category's:

    • Religion
    • Race
    • Sexual Preference

    You will not be instantly banned for this but severe punishments shall occur.

    #4 Though shall not post like a limbless six year old. Simply meaning use correct grammar and don't abbreviate or shorten everything.

    #5 Though shall not argue with staff over rules and punishments. The staff are there to maintain order, If you feel a staff member has been a poor decision then Private Message them, Don't spam the board with hate directed towards them. Expect to be suspended if this is seen.

    #6 Though shall have no more then two signatures in their signature space. If they do they will be issues with a warning.

    #7 Though shall follow ALL rules in specific area's. If the TLP Bookie board or E-Fed tells you not to do something then DON'T do it. Expect punishments if you fail to do this.

    #8 Though shall not leave every two weeks and expect some sort of position of authority

    #9 Trolling will not be tolerated by any means. Expect your posts to be banned and suspensions occurring if you continuously troll on the board.

    #10 Enjoy yourself and stay active Smile


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