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    Jeff Hardy Speaks On Legal Situation, Matt Hardy's Status


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    Jeff Hardy Speaks On Legal Situation, Matt Hardy's Status

    Post by Sykesy on Sun Nov 13, 2011 6:19 am

    The following are highlights from a recent interview with TNA Impact Wrestling star Jeff Hardy:

    Hardy on his current legal situation:
    "I’ve done my 10 days. I’m on intensive probation right now, but it’s cool that I’m still able to work. I have a curfew when I am at home. I have to be in at six o’clock. I can’t have any company after six o’clock. I’m two months into that, so I have four months of that left. Then I have 30 months of regular probation. I’ve moved on. It was a rough, dark time in my life, and it was a lot of stress, but I feel better that I’m finally over that."

    Hardy on whether or not he was afraid he wouldn't return to wrestling:
    "I think wrestling will always, in some way, be a part of my life. Going way back, there was actually some doubt, after my arrest. The ‘Oh my God, my life is over’. That initial fear is crazy. It’s real intense, but as time passes you move on with things. Wrestling will always be a part of my life. There was probably a little bit of doubt but never full throttle."

    Hardy on his brother Matt Hardy: "He is good. He is in great spirits. I don’t talk to him that much … Every time I talk to him he seems to be doing really well; so I think everything is really positive. I can’t really say [what’s next for him] but deep down Matt has always wanted to open a wrestling school. He is probably going to focus on that more than anything. He has been beat up, but anything is possible. He has such a great mind for professional wrestling. He would make a great agent … I think he would always want to be a part of it because he loves it a lot more than I do. He will be involved it in some way. I just don’t know here or there, but I think definitely the first thing he will focus on is the wrestling school."



    Can't really tell from one article but Jeff seems quite sincere to be honest. Let's hope he really has turned his life around.


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